The lure of the ocean is strong on Maui property. Mystery surrounds life under the sea and a bit of that mystique is uncovered at the Maui Ocean Center. Located at 192 Maalaea Road in Wailuku the park is easily accessible to all on the island.

Exhibits are exemplary examples of a flourishing oceanic ecosystem and the animals contained within. The Living Reef holds one of the most expansive collection of Pacific Corals and the coral colonies within the Maui Ocean Center have thrived under dedicated hands for decades. Brimming with color, various fish and other aquatic animals delight guests observing them. Charismatic green sea turtles draw attention in the Turtle Lagoon. These Hawaiian natives are amazing to see up close, spanning four feet long and some weighing close to 300 pounds!

Wailuku Home Owners Dive Right In

Over in the Open Ocean exhibit one feels as if they are immersed under water. When meandering through a 240 degree tunnel folks spy a variety of larger than life sharks including blacktip reef sharks, hammerhead sharks and whitetip reef sharks. Stingrays and a variety of fish are also observed here. The Shark Dive Maui Program allows brave participants to dive in the water with the sharks. Participants must be at least 12 years old and certified divers. Many a bold soul living in Wailuku homes have taken the plunge by accepting this wild and daunting challenge. Enjoy an added excursion on the Maui property. Behind the scenes tours let folks delve deep into the workings of the aquarium. Marine naturalists lead the way enthusiastically imparting knowledge while guiding tourees through a sea turtle feeding. The Native Plant and Cultural tour is great for those with a green thumb seeking to know more about local flora and fauna.

Learn some of the secrets of the sea with a trip to the Maui Ocean Center. This state of the art facility does not disappoint. And, those who fall in love with the aquarium can always go back for a virtual visit through the live cam with just a click.